Ridiculous Cats Are Not Living In Harmony With Their Pet Siblings Despite Their Humans' Hopes

Whether you have multiple cats or a dog slinking around there somewhere (you know, scared of the cat,) chances are if you aren't a one-cat-household that you've noticed tension. Sometimes the battle between your cats is funny, sometimes the disagreement between your cat and dog is a bit on the cute side, and sometimes the cats have initiated a wrestling ring of kitty themed doom.

It doesn't matter if your kitty is being a 9lb force of chaos or if your kitty is just being who they were always meant to be. This is because when it comes to our cats and their antics, these memories of cats are always things we look back on and cherish.

Of course, that's the argument for erratic cat behavior being made right meow, that it's a kitty related memory you'll cherish. Why else would we pull out our phones and cameras and take pictures of our cats misbehaving or being little, kitty jerks?

Okay, fair enough, we also find our cats and their sibling rivalries hilarious. THAT is why we share the photos of our cats, our kitties, and their pet siblings being ding-dongs on the Internet.

1. You know what face. THAT face. The fluffy kitty of doom face.

2. The FURY of Little Jerry is what a cat is capable of.

3. Walk away, human, nothing to see here.

4. He cannot have it

5. Was she wrong? Yes.

6. Cat gets what Cat wants, sorry DOG.

7. Like it was no big deal

8. A fair point has been raised, is this cat logic? Purr-haps.

9. Fair enough

10. The cat version of the look of disillusionment


12. Hit 'em with the PAT PAT PAT

13. S M O O S H

14. Purrhaps, previously, she has learned her lessons of the household cat hierarchy...

15. Is this a simbiotic relationship?

16. They've lived up to their names

17. Who will win the kitty heavy weight championship this week

18. Naturally

19. These cats are telling you that you are SO done for

20. She cannot be bothered

21. Even better: a cat battle

22. Literal moments before disaster

23. Oh no

24. Some cushion for the toe beans

25. A criminal and a crime

26. No problem

27. Is one always more mature than the other?

28. Golly